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El Dorado Transit Workshop May 3, 2023 in EDH

El Dorado Transit will host two workshops on May 3rd. The second workshop will be in El Dorado Hills at the CSD Pavilion 6:30PM – 8:30PM

El Dorado Transit will be hosting 2 workshops and a listening session this week for the public to provide input on their short-range transit master plan.


Please help the El Dorado Transit District shape its future services, routes, and schedules in western El Dorado County and Folsom. 

Opportunities to provide input:

In Person Workshops on May 3rd:

  • 9:30a – 11:00a Placerville Town Hall (549 Main Street)
  • 6:30p – 8:30p El Dorado Hills CSD Pavilion (1201 Harvard Way)

VIRTUAL Listening Session scheduled for May 4th

Virtual Listening Session on May 4thPlease use this link to RSVP

For more information or if you have any questions, please reach out to Lucy Crocker at or 916-491-3161.

EDH APAC Submits Initial Review Findings on Project Frontier. EDC Auditor Harn provides updates regarding project’s Sales Tax forecast

Subcommittee Reviews Center on project impact concerns, consistency with Zoning and Land Use

EDH APAC submitted a letter to the El Dorado County Planning Department and the Planning Commission that summarized EDH APAC’s volunteer subcommittees’ initial review findings regarding Project Frontier CUP22-0016 DR22-0003. The Subcommittee findings were presented to EDH APAC members and the El Dorado Hills Community at an overflow meeting at El Dorado Hills Fire Department Station 85 on April 19, 2023.

While the reviews are the initial findings, concerns and questions provided by EDH APAC volunteers, the project itself is awaiting a submission to El Dorado County of a CEQA Analysis, and peer review of the Applicant generated DRAFT Transportation Impact Analysis Report. Review of the project’s Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a 106% height allowance over the County Ordinance stipulated 50 foot limit will come before the County Planning Commission. No Review Hearing Date has been scheduled yet.

EDH APAC April 28, 2023 Email to Planning Department & Planning Commission

EDH APAC April 26, 2023 Cover Letter to Planning Department & Planning Commission

EDH APAC Subcommittee Reviews Submitted to Planning Department & Planning Commission April 28, 2023

County Auditor Controller provides EDH APAC with an update regarding Project Frontier’s potential Sales Tax revenue to El Dorado County.

EDC Auditor Controller Joe Harn submitted the following update to EDH APAC regarding questions about Project Frontier’s projected Sales Tax revenue to El Dorado County

EDC Auditor Controller Harn April 28, 2023 Letter to EDH APAC

EDC Auditor Harn CDTFA Document to EDH APAC April 28, 2023

EDC Auditor Harn Sales Tax Consultant to County Newsletter

Auditor Harn previously provided an initial letter to EDH APAC regarding potential Sales Tax benefits to El Dorado County on March 14, 2023.

Additionally, Auditor Harn provided EDH APAC a copy of an updated Economic Impact Analysis Memorandum from consultants EPS on March 30, 2023. The updated Analysis was the result of a request from Auditor Harn for El Dorado County specific Sales and Property Tax estimates regarding Project Frontier.

To review all available Project Frontier public documents, visit the EDH APAC Project Document page for Project Frontier.

EDH APAC Comment Letter to Planning Commission About Latrobe Road CIP Item

Comment Letter submitted to Planning Commission recommending tabling Latrobe Road CIP Item.

El Dorado Hills APAC submitted a comment letter to the Planning Commission regarding Agenda Item #2 on their scheduled April 13, 2023 Planning Commission Hearing. EDH APAC members, and many El Dorado Hills residents have concerns regarding the timing of adding a Latrobe Road widening project back into the County’s Capital Improvement Program, just three years after removing the project (then – CIP Project No: 72LATROBE) due to a finding that it was unwarranted in 2019/2020.

The timing concerns center on the staff recommendations that the new CIP #36105055 item is due to “growth in the EDH Business Park.” EDH APAC Subcommittee members have observed that the only significant growth in the El Dorado Hills Business Park that might justify traffic improvements has been the expansion of the John Adams Academy private school. The school has been a success welcomed by EDH residents, and has generated a significant traffic impact in the area, however without a traffic analysis it is uncertain if that one development has triggered the need for the expansion of Latrobe Road. John Adams Academy opened in El Dorado Hills in 2017, so some of its traffic impacts should have been known in 2020 when CIP Project 72LATROBE was removed from the CIP list.

It appears that CIP #36105055 would mostly benefit the proposed Project Frontier, which EDH APAC Subcommittees are still reviewing. EDH APAC Subcommittees are concerned that adding CIP #36105055 into the CIP would expose El Dorado County Taxpayers to more costs by shifting the funding burden away from the full impacts of the proposed Project Frontier development before it has been adequately reviewed and analyzed.

CIP project #36105055 proposes to widen Latrobe Rd between Investment Blvd and Golden Foothills Pkwy (south)

The EDH APAC comments to the Planning Commission recommend:

EDH APAC would propose delaying this action before your Commission before a thorough review has been completed. Considering that CIP 36105055 was removed as “unwarranted” just in 2020, it is fair to ask if it was short-sighted to remove the project at that time. If so, it may also be short-sighted to add the project back into the CIP without a comprehensive analysis of the impacts of Project Frontier in 2023.

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April 11 2023 Comment Letter [185.87 KB]

Project Frontier Applicant and County Auditor Controller Responses to EDH APAC

Project Applicants provide responses to EDH APAC comment letter submitted for February 16, 2023 TAC Meeting

The applicants for Project Frontier, a proposed distribution and sortation facility consisting of two buildings totaling four million square feet, to be located at the southern end of the El Dorado Hills Business Park on the west side of Latrobe Road between Royal Oaks Drive on the north, and Wetsel-Oviatt Road to the south, have supplied a response letter to the comments submitted by EDH APAC to the El Dorado County Technical Advisory Committee Meeting held on February 13, 2023. The response letter indicates that the project’s application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow one of the project’s buildings to exceed current El Dorado County height limits, has been provided a determination by the County Planning Department that the appropriate decision making authority rests with the Zoning Administrator (Director of Building and Planning).

From the response letter:

The project applicant has applied for a conditional use permit to allow one of the buildings to exceed current height limits. A conditional use permit is a discretionary approval and the El Dorado County Zoning Code (“Zoning Code”) requires a noticed public meeting for a conditional use permit. Section 130.52.021 provides for the Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission to be the review authority for a conditional use permit, and “[t]he determination of the review authority shall be made by the Director based on the nature of the application, and the policy issues raised by the project.”

A conditional use permit is not required to allow the project uses. The Matrix of Allowed Uses in Table 130.23.020 of the County Zoning Code provides that “Wholesale Storage and Distribution,” the same use as the proposed project, is an allowed use in the Research and Development Zone. A local agency cannot selectively or arbitrarily require a discretionary approval for uses that the Zoning Code allows by right with a ministerial building permit approval.

The applicant understands that, because the proposed project uses are consistent with zoning, are allowed by right, and have been previously analyzed in numerous environmental analyses, the Planning Department has determined that the Zoning Administrator is the appropriate decision-making body for the conditional use permit that is limited to the proposed building height.

The full response letter addressing the items raised by EDH APAC is embedded here:

March 14, 2023 Applicant Responses to EDH APAC Feb 16, 2023 TAC Meeting Comments Letter

EDC Auditor Controller March 14, 2023 letter to EDH APAC

El Dorado County Auditor Controller Joe Harn provided the following letter to EDH APAC addressing Sales Tax and Apportionment questions raised by EDH APAC.

Auditor Controller Harn’s letter is embedded here:

Project Frontier Applicant Presentation at the EDH APAC March 15, 2023 6:30PM meeting

The project applicants will provide a project presentation and discussion at the Wednesday March 15, 2023 6:30PM EDH APAC Meeting. The meeting will be hybrid: in-person at EDH Fire Station 85 1050 Wilson Blvd, with virtual discussion via ZOOM, and streamed live on the EDH APAC YouTube Channel. The Room capacity does not exceed 100 guests. Meeting details and streaming links can be found on our March 13th meeting event page

EDH APAC Project Documents page updated with Draft Traffic Impact Analysis Report and all available project documents.

To read all public project documents, including the DRAFT Traffic Impact Analysis Report, visit the EDH APAC Project Documents Page for Project Frontier

El Dorado County Transportation Department October 12, 2022 Presentation to EDH APAC

Transportation Department Director Rafael Martinez provides details on maintenance funding, and Ballot Measures R and S

At the October 12, 2022 El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee meeting, the El Dorado County Transportation Department provided a video presentation from department Director Rafael Martinez. In the presentation, Director Martinez discussed many elements of the Transportation Department’s responsibilities, the various sources of funding to the department, and how that funding is broken down to support road maintenance activities in El Dorado County. Additionally Director Martinez discussed the shortcoming in funding that was projected to be provided by the 2017 Senate Bill 1 (SB1) – the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, and how state dollars that have historically been dedicated to providing local road maintenance funding has continued to shrink. Director Martinez provides detail on the El Dorado Count Ballot Measures R and S: Proposed Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) tax rate increase. Measure R would raise the TOT rate on the Western Slope from 10% to 12%, and Measure S would raise the TOT rate on the Eastern Slope (unincorporated Lake Tahoe area) from 10% to 14%. These are taxes mostly paid by visitors to El Dorado County from hotel, Bed & Breakfast, and vacation home rentals. The 2% increase on the Western Slope and the 4% increase on the Eastern Slope would be dedicated to road maintenance and snow removal.

DOT Presentation to EDH APAC by Director Rafael Martinez

View the presentation on the EDH APAC YouTube Channel

Transportation Department provides list of road Projects in District 1

Comprehensive list of road projects in and around El Dorado Hills

At the June 2022 El Dorado Hills Community Council meeting, District 1 Supervisor John Hidhal shared a list of area road projects and developments provided by the El Dorado County Transportation Department. Several items included in the list are either already in progress, or will begin in the near future.

The list is quite comprehensive, and covers both road projects and development projects that impact roads.

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Download D1 Project List [139.27 KB]

Planning Commission June 9, 2022 CEDHAP Hearing – Commissioners vote to recommend project denial

Findings center on lack of General Plan Consistency, and El Dorado Hills public sentiment.

The El Dorado County Planning Commission held a public hearing to complete their deliberations on recommendations to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors regarding the proposed Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan. After a morning of receiving additional Public Comments (continued from the Planning Commission’s April 28, 202 2public hearing) the Commissioners heard additional updates from the project applicant, and from County Planning Staff.

After a lunch break, the Commission resumed their deliberative process, discussing issues among themselves, and providing their own opinions on many elements of the proposed Specific Plan. Eventually settling on concerns that the project as proposed was inconsistent with the Adopted 2004 Voter Approved General Plan, the commissioners first voted to not accept the Final Environmental Impact Report as complete on a four to one vote, with Commissioners Payne, Nevis, Harkin, and Vegna supporting, and Commissioner Clerici voting no. Following this, the Commissioners voted unanimously to provide a recommendation of Denial to the Board of Supervisors.

The project will move on to the Board of Supervisors for consideration. The Board of Supervisors does not have to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission, and may, in fact, approve the project. No hearing date has yet been publicly announced.

The Meeting Minutes of the Planning Commission Hearing will be posted in the Planning Commission Documents section of the EDH APAC website when they are published by El Dorado County.

A Message to the El Dorado Hills Community from EDH APAC Chair John Davey

Many, many people have reached out to congratulate APAC regarding the Planning Commission decision to recommend denial of the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan to the Board of Supervisors – but to be honest, I don’t know that congratulations are appropriate, or warranted. I certainly join the majority in our community in thanking our APAC volunteers for their beyond-the-pale efforts in examining and reviewing the project. Additionally, many members of the community participated in providing feedback to the Planning Commission over several years, and their efforts should not go unrecognized.

As I mentioned again in public comments to the Planning Commissioners at the hearing, I really view our APAC finding of non-support, and the Planning Commission’s recommendation of denial as a failure – from all corners.

Failure from our community and APAC in conveying our concerns about the project in a way that the applicant and county planners could recognize that the project could have been modified in some beneficial manner that the community could support, and a failure from the applicant, planning staff, and the approvals process that this project took ten years to get to the Planning Commission with no meaningful compromises, that might have satisfied the community, and generated actual benefits that the community might have been able to support.

I  absolutely take no joy in the project being recommended for denial by the Planning Commission. I believe it was the correct decision, but ultimately I regret the lost time of ten years, and squandered opportunities to find a recreational use for the former Executive Golf Course property, as well as the opportunity for needed multifamily housing in the Pedregal Plan area, to benefit our community.

My hope is that a community approach can be undertaken to generate a project (or projects) for the properties that respects existing zoning. One that our residents can support, that enhances the things we all love about El Dorado Hills, and that is a beneficial project for the property owner. Understandably many may perceive a sense of animosity between members of the community and the project applicant. That is unnecessary – this all revolves around a simple disagreement, and nothing more. It’s natural and healthy to have reasonable disagreements. What we do to resolve our disagreements speaks more about our community, than arguing about the issues.

JOhn Davey, El dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee chair.

El Dorado Hills APAC Subcommittee submits finding of non-support for CEDHSP

Click HERE to see EDH APAC Findings Report

Planning Commission Public Hearing Scheduled for June 9th at 8:30AM

The El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee submitted the findings of the APAC Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan Subcommittee report to the County of El Dorado Planning Commission, and the El Dorado County Planning Department on Thursday June 2.

The Subcommittee Findings report is comprised of 68 pages of findings, concerns, and questions. Thirteen supporting exhibits were also included. The Report concludes with a finding of non-support, which is consistent with the Subcommittee report in January 2020, prior to a second recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report being issued to address the new Vehicle Miles Traveled transportation standard that became part of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and law in July 2020, and two new suggested project alternatives.

The subcommittee draft findings report was approved unanimously by voting EDH APAC members at a special May 25, 2022 meeting. The past two weeks, EDH APAC volunteers have worked on formatting, layout and internal linking for the supporting documents.

As part of the public comments, EDH APAC submitted the following observation in a cover letter:

The goal of EDH APAC is to review proposed El Dorado Hills development projects with the intent of finding the best possible result for our community, for the applicant, and for the County. To provide community feedback on the future of development in our community. Our reviews result in one of three possible findings:

1) Support of the project as presented
2) Conditional Support based on recommendations and improvements in the proposed project
3) Non-Support of the project based on incompatibility, or overall negative impacts for the El Dorado Hills community

As we offered in our January 2020 findings regarding the CEDHSP, our result in 2022, again, is a recommendation of Non-Support. The project has not changed in any meaningful way.

A finding of Non-Support is essentially a failure. A failure of EDH APAC and the Community to convey the necessity of needed improvements or changes for the project to be a benefit for our community. And a failure of the applicant and the Planning Department to recognize the community’s concerns, to discover some middle ground, improvements or changes, that recognizes and respects the numerous legitimate community concerns of shortcomings, and injury that our community seeks to avoid.

All documents – report, exhibits, etc – submitted as public comment for the June 9, 2022 Planning Commission Hearing are cataloged on this findings page: Each link will allow the website visitor to view the full document as a PDF, without having to download each document.

El Dorado Hills residents are encouraged to offer their own fact-based concerns and questions as public comment to the Planning Commission – comments may be submitted to Include the following in the subject line: Public Hearing: Agenda Item 3, Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan.

EDH APAC Submits Recommendation on Summer Brook TM-R21-0001

Finds that request to modify 2008 conditions of approval for the signalization of the Green Valley Rd – Deer Valley Rd intersection should be denied.

EDH APAC April 5, 2022 letter to El Dorado County Planning Commission

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Download EDH APAC Public Comments [153.71 KB]

Full project documents and details can be found on the project document page:

Summer Brook documents page

Green Valley Rd – Deer Valley Rd intersection 2012 prior to 2014 intersection improvements- looking west
Green Valley Rd – Deer Valley Rd intersection 2021 following 2014 intersection improvements – looking west

EDH52 – Costco Commercial Center NOP Draft EIR and EDH APAC Response to Virtual Scoping Meeting

El Dorado County issues Notice of Preparation of DEIR and Virtual Scoping Meeting Scheduled for September 8, 2021 at 6PM

On August 23, 2021 El Dorado County Planning Department published a Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed EDH52 Commercial Center, featuring a Costco Membership Warehouse to be located at Silva Valley Parkway and US50, near Tong Road. The NOP also included a notice for a Public Scoping Meeting, which will be held virtually on September 6, 2021 at 6PM. To attend the Scoping Meeting, residents must register in advance.

The NOP and a subsequent corrected notice of the Public Scoping Meeting are shown below.

Notice of Preparation of Draft Environmental Impact Report

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Download NOP [1.69 MB]

Corrected Notice of Public Scoping Meeting

EDH APAC Submits letter seeking an in-person Scoping Meeting

El Dorado Area Planning Advisory Committee Officers believe that a project of this prominence, and generating interest among hundreds of El Dorado Hills residents merits an in-person public meeting. EDH APAC has heard from many community members with numerous questions, concerns, and comments about the project. The August 11, 2021 EDH APAC meeting held at El Dorado Hills Fire Department’s Station 85 Meeting room drew over 60 attendees in person to hear from the project applicants a presentation, and for the opportunity to ask questions. The meeting was also live streamed to over 68 virtual attendees.

EDH APAC Officers believe that a virtual scoping meeting diminishes the opportunity for the project applicants to meet with residents, and to directly hear, and answer questions that may result in a project that better benefits the El Dorado Hills Community, as well as the applicants.

EDH APAC Letter Regarding The Virtual Scoping Meeting