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Notice of Preparation

EDH CSD Issues NOP of DEIR for Bass Lake Regional Park

Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Bass Lake Park Project
Review Period Jan 3 – Feb 1 2024

The El Dorado Hills Community Services District provided a Notice or Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the planned Bass Lake Regional Park on February 3, 2024. The initial review period begins January 3, 2024 and ends February 1, 2024.

Public Scoping Meeting Tuesday January 23, 2024 6:00PM at the EDH CSD Norm Rowett Pavilion 1021 Harvard Way

A scoping meeting will be held:
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024 Time: 6:00 PM
Location: El Dorado Hills Community Services District
Norm Rowett Pavilion
1020 Harvard Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
The scoping meeting is the time when the District solicits input from the public and agencies on specific topics they believe should be addressed in the environmental analysis. The scoping process is designed to enable the District to determine the scope and content of the EIR and identify potentially significant environmental effects, alternatives, and mitigation measures to be analyzed in the EIR.

Project Location and Existing Conditions From the January 3, 2024 NOP:

PROJECT LOCATION AND EXISTING CONDITIONS: The approximately 211-acre project site consists of six parcels located adjacent to Bass Lake Road and Serrano Parkway, approximately 1.5 miles due north of United States Highway 50 (US-50) in El Dorado County (Assessor’s Parcel Numbers [APNs] 123-740-001, 115-400-025, 115-400-026, 115-400-021, 115-030-018, and 115-400-002)
The project site is undeveloped, with the exception of the existing Sellwood Field on the northwest portion of the project site; the existing fenced El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) maintenance yard, which is immediately west of Bass Lake; and some existing trails throughout the site. Bass Lake is centrally located and surrounded by grassland, oak woodland, and chaparral. More than 700 trees are located on site. The tree canopies are most dense in the west and north, but scattered tree stands are located on the east side of the site.

The site supports various wetland and riparian habitats, including the overflow pond northeast of Bass Lake and the spillway ditch southwest of Bass Lake.
The proposed park site is bounded on the west by Serrano Parkway, beyond which are single-family residences. To the north are single-family residences and residential estate parcels (5 acres; Green Springs Development), and to the east are residential uses (Woodridge and Bridlewood Canyon developments) and Bass Lake Road. Bass Lake Road provides the southern boundary to the proposed project area, beyond which is land developed with commercial uses and single-family residences.

Notice of Preparation

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Town and Country Village El Dorado NOP DEIR and Scoping Meetings

Two scoping meetings scheduled for August 8, and 9, 2023

El Dorado County has issued a Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Town and Country Village El Dorado development project. The project site is located north of Highway 50 east of Bass Lake Road and south of Country Club Drive.

The Project Development Area consists of the northernmost and southernmost 30.3 acres of the project site, and would be developed with two hotels, retail services, two restaurants, a museum, an event center, associated parking, 56 residential cottages for employee housing, and an additional 56 residential cottages that may be rented on a daily or extended stay basis, which may require a conditional use permit.

A second project site of the development is “the Program Study Area” – this site consists of the central and easternmost 30.2 acres of the project site, and may include further development in the future such as additional hotels, medical facilities, senior housing, townhomes and cottages, and other uses allowed by the proposed zoning districts.

The project seeks the following entitlements:

General Plan Amendment

The General Plan Land Use Designation for the project site is Adopted Plan (AP). The General Plan designates the portion of the project site north of Country Club Drive as within the El Dorado Hills Community Region, and the area south of Country Club Drive as within the Rural Region. The proposed General Plan Amendment would modify the Community Region boundary to include the entire project site within the El Dorado Hills Community Region

Bass Lake Hills Specific Plan Amendment

The existing BLHSP land use designations for the project site are L.7-PD and L.2-PD. The BLHSP designates the portion of the project site north of Country Club Drive as L.7-PD [maximum allowable density of 0.7 dwelling units per acre (du/ac)], and the portion south of Country Club Drive is designated L.2-PD (maximum allowable density of 0.2 du/ac). The requested BLHSP Amendment would establish three new land use designations for the specific plan: Commercial (C), Multi-Family Residential (MFR), and Open Space (OS). Application of these proposed new land use designations would be limited the project site. These land use designations would be allocated to the project site as follows: 26.2 acres of C, 23.0 acres of MFR, and 7.6 acres of OS. In addition to changing the land use designations of the project site, the BLHSP Amendment would include content revisions to the BLHSP itself to accommodate the proposed project. As part of the BLHSP Amendment, a Fiscal Impact Analysis and update to the Bass Lake Hills Specific Plan Public Facilities Financing Plan (PFFP) would be completed. The PFFP sets forth a strategy to finance the backbone infrastructure and other public facilities required to serve the proposed land uses in the BLHSP.


The current zoning designation for the entire project site is RE-10. The proposed project would require the approval of a Rezone from RE-10 to the following El Dorado County zoning districts: Community Commercial (CC), Multi-Unit Residential (RM), and Open Space (OS). Additionally, as required by the BLHSP, the Planned Development Combining District (-PD) suffix would be added to all the zoning district designations listed above.

Buildout of the Project Development Area of the project site would include two 150-room hotels, 112 residential cottages, retail uses, restaurants, an event center/museum, recreational amenities, and parking lots (see Figure 3).

Additionally, the Project Development Area would be developed with internal roadways and a new Class I Bicycle Path. Development within the Program Study Area of the project site is not currently proposed to occur concurrently with development of the Project Development Area; however, a maximum buildout scenario is included for program level analysis in the EIR.

Two Scoping Meeting dates:

Two scoping meetings – both open to agencies, organizations, and individuals – will be held to receive public comments and suggestions on the scope of environmental issues to be studied in the EIR. The scoping meetings will be held as follows:

In-Person Tue Aug 8, 2023 6PM
An in-person scoping meeting will be held: Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 Time: 6:00 PM Location: El Dorado Hills Fire Department Community Room 1050 Wilson Boulevard El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Virtual Wed Aug 9, 2023 11AM
A virtual scoping meeting will be held: Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2023 Time: 11:00 AM Link: Call In Phone #’s: 530-621-7603 or 530-621-7610 Webinar ID: 865 2121 1649

EDH APAC encourages residents to attend one or both of the planned Scoping Meetings to provide comments, questions, and concerns. Comments will be addressed as required by law in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and included in the Final Environmental Impact Report.

Project Documents

Project Documents and links are available on the EDH APAC project Document page: