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Notice Of Availability DEIR Montano de El Dorado Phase 2

The County of El Dorado Planning and Building Department, Planning Division, as the Lead Agency, has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed Montano De El Dorado Phase I and II Master Plan Project.

The Project is comprised of a rezone of a 16.85 property form REGIONAL COMMERCIAL- DESIGN CONTROL (CR-DC) to REGIONAL COMMERCIAL- PLANNED DEVELOPMENT (CR-PD) as part of the Montano de El Dorado Development Plan. The project is located on the east side of Latrobe Road, 500 feet south of the intersection with White Rock Road.

From the County’s Notice Of Availability announcement:

DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY AND REVIEW PERIOD: This DEIR is available for public and agency review for a 45-day period beginning Saturday, May 30, 2020 and ending Monday, July 13, 2020. The purpose of this comment period is to consider the content of the DEIR and the potential environmental impacts that may result from project implementation, not the positive or negative attributes of the Project itself. Comments pertaining to the impact analysis, criteria and thresholds, mitigation measures, and alternatives presented in the DEIR will be considered by the County during preparation of the Final EIR (FEIR).

All written public and agency comments on the DEIR must be received by 5:00 PM on Monday, July 13, 2020 and should be directed to: El Dorado County Planning and Building Department, Planning Division, Attention: Tom Purciel, 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville, CA 95667. Include the name of the contact person of your agency, if applicable.

Comments may be submitted via email to Comments submitted via email must either be included in the body text of the message or as an attachment in Microsoft® Word or Adobe® PDF format. Comments may also be submitted via fax to (530) 642-0508.

PUBLIC WORKSHOP: The DEIR is scheduled for a public workshop before the Planning Commission on June 25, 2020. The purpose of this workshop is to present information on the DEIR and receive public input; no action will be taken. To subscribe to Planning Commission agendas and minutes visit: and register your email address with the County’s free email subscription service. When registering, please select “Planning Commission agenda” from the list of topics provided. Planning Commission agendas are posted online no less than 72 hours prior to the meeting at: https:\

El Dorado County Notice of Availability: DEIR Montano de El Dorado Phase 2

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Download Notice Of Availability [2.40 MB]

Proposed Entitlement Requests:

  • A Rezone (Z15-0002) of the 16.85-acre Phase II property from Regional Commercial- Design Control (CR-DC) to Regional Commercial- Planned Development;
  • A Commercial Tentative Parcel Map (P15-0006) on the 16.85-acre Phase II parcel creating a total of 12 commercial lots, ranging from 0.72 acres to 3.48 acres in size, as part of the proposed Montano De El Dorado Phase 2 Development Plan; and
  • A Planned Development Permit (PD15-0004) for the existing Montano De El Dorado Phase 1 Development and the proposed Phase II expansion. The proposed Phase 2 of the development would include approximately 74,000 square feet of retail/commercial space within eight buildings, 6,000 square feet of office space, 63,000 square feet, 99-room hotel, and an amphitheater.
  • Modifications to an existing Conditional Use Permit (S17-0015) for Phase I to allow outdoor special events and office uses within existing Phase 1 and the proposed Phase II.

EDH APAC Montano de El Dorado Phase 2 Documents Page

Army Corps of Engineers seeking input on Marble Valley project permit for impact to wetlands and streams

The United States Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public input in relation to a permit application for the Villages of Marble Valley Specific Plan Project. The ACoE has distributed a letter to nearby property owners asking for input regarding impacts to approximately 4.585 acres of waters of the United States, including wetlands and streams.

Notice mailed to property owners April 1st

The notice mailed to property owners is dated March 16, 2020, and requests that comments be received by April 14, 2020. However, the notice posting on the Project page of the ACoE website indicates a response period that ends April 30, 2020, and residents have indicated that the postage meter stamp on the mailing envelope provides a date stamp of April 1, 2020. A number of residents have reported not receiving the notice until after April 5, 2020. These residents are seeking a re-notice from the ACoE to allow for a full thirty day comment period.

United States Army Corps of Engineers Website Marble Valley Project page – click image to visit the website.

Residents seeking to learn more about the permit application, to make comments, or to seek a re-notice of the ACoE Public Notice are encouraged to contact the ACoE Project Manager Kathy Norton at (916) 557-5260, or email

Villages of Marble Valley Specific Plan Land Use Map
credit: United States Army Corps of Engineers

El Dorado Hills APAC November Meeting Video Posted Online

The El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee has posted the video recording of the November 13, 2019 Meeting online.

Single Topic Meeting

The November 13, 2019 meeting was focused on the proposed Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan. A review of the plan, and it’s latest changes was provided by representatives from Serrano Associates, including Director of Government Affairs Kirk Bone, and Principal Planner Andrea Howard. Addressing the project’s traffic impacts and mitigation was Senior Associate David Robinson of Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants.

The CEDHSP presentation at APAC was made in advance of the first of four hearings before the County of El Dorado Planning Commission. The first hearing being held November 14th in Placerville, CA. The second hearing is scheduled for December 12th in Placerville, CA at 8:30AM. The third hearing will be held in El Dorado Hills, in the evening, in January 2020, at a time and place to be determined. The fourth and final hearing before the Planning Commission will be held in January-February in Placerville, CA, in the Planning Commission Building C Hearing Room, at a date to be determined.

The meeting presentation materials/slides
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Download Meeting Presentation Materials [6.91 MB]

Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan: NEW Planning Commission Hearing Schedule – One Hearing To Be Held IN El Dorado Hills

Two new hearings added to previously announced November and December Hearings

The El Dorado Hills APAC has been notified by the County of El Dorado Planning Department of two new hearings to be scheduled regarding the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan project for the proposed Serrano Westside (Old Executive Golf Course) and the Pedregal (west of El Dorado Hills Blvd at Wilson Way) planning areas. The new third and fourth hearings will be scheduled for January 2020. The first January 2020 Planning Commission Hearing will be held IN El Dorado Hills, in the evening, allowing the opportunity for more El Dorado Hills residents to contribute to the process.

From the the Planning Department update:

During today’s agenda review meeting with Planning Commission Chair Gary Miller, Dave Livingston, and Tiffany Schmid, the following Planning Commission hearing schedule was determined for the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan project.  This will allow several opportunities for public testimony and also comply with the Board’s direction on November 5th to hold a Special Meeting in January 2020 in El Dorado Hills during the evening. 

**Public Testimony will be taken at the November, December and January (Special Meeting) hearings and then closed for Planning Commission deliberation and action at the final hearing in January/February 2020.  
Hearing #1 – November 14, 2019 Regular Planning Commission Meeting (Building C Hearing Room)(meeting to be continued to December 12, 2019)

Hearing #2 – December 12, 2019 Regular Planning Commission Meeting (Building C Hearing Room) (meeting to be continued to Special Meeting in January 2020 in El Dorado Hills-evening)

Hearing #3 – January 2020 Special Planning Commission Evening Meeting – El Dorado Hills (TBD)(meeting to be continued to Regular Meeting in January/February 2020)

Hearing #4 – January/February 2020 Regular Planning Commission Meeting (Building C Hearing Room)

Wednesday November 13th 7PM EDH APAC Meeting -Serrano Associates Presentation

The El Dorado Hills APAC Wednesday November 13th 7PM meeting be focused on an overview and recent changes to the proposed Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan in a presentation by representatives of Serrano Associates.

This is an opportunity for El Dorado Hills residents to learn about the proposed project, and a question and answer session will follow the presentation. Keep in mind – El Dorado Hills APAC has no land use authority, and only provides resident feedback on proposed development projects to the Applicant, the County Planning Department, the Planning Commission, and to the Board of Supervisors. We will be conducting a respectful discussion with the project applicant, who is under no obligation to appear at our EDH APAC meeting. We appreciate the applicant’s effort in providing a review and discussion of their proposed project.

The EDH APAC page for CEDHSP documents and details can be found HERE

Draft Development Agreement

Notice of Public Hearing: Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan

The County of El Dorado has issued a Notice of Public Hearing today regarding the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan. A hearing will be held at the November 14, 2019 County Planning Commission Meeting, at 8:30AM, at Building C Hearing Room, 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville, CA 95667

The Planning Commission will consider General Plan Amendment A14-0003/Specific Plan Amendment SP12- 0002/Rezone Z14-0005/Specific Plan Amendment SP86-0002-R/Planned Development PD14-0004/Tentative Subdivision Map TM14-1516/Development Agreement DA14- 0003/Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan.

From the original project description:


Number of Lots: 1028
Project Description

Project Final Environmental Impact Report and Staff Reports

The CEDHSP Final Environmental Impact Report, and Staff Reports, are expected to be available to the public two weeks prior to the hearing.

November 13, 2019 El Dorado Hills APAC Meeting

The El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee is dedicating the entirety of our November 13, 2019 meeting to a discussion and presentation of the project, with updated changes, from the applicant, Serrano Associates.

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Download Notice of Public Hearing [251.31 KB]

DR19-0003 Saratoga Retail Phase 2 Update

On July 5, 2019, a Notice of Decision by the County of El Dorado Planning and Building Department to take action on the proposed revisions to the approved Saratoga Retail Project in El Dorado Hills was issued.

From the Notice of Decision:

A design review application modifying the approved site plan and related exhibits associated with the Saratoga Retail Phase 2 Design Review (DR-R18-0001) approved on October 9, 2018 by the Board of Supervisors. This design review seeks the approval of the Planning Director for proposed minor changes and making a determination of substantial conformance with the approved project referenced above and Conditions of Approval, in accordance with the County of El Dorado Zoning Ordinance Title 130, Article 5, Section 130.54.070 (Revision to an Approved Permit or Authorization).

The DR19-0003 application is being processed in accordance with Title 130, Article 5, Section 130.50.040 (General Review Procedure), as a staff-level review with public notice. The decision to approve this project may be appealed to the Planning Commission by formally filing an appeal along with payment of applicable fees to the County of El Dorado Planning and Building Department within the appeal period. The appeal period is 10 working days starting on Monday, July 8, 2019 and ending at 5:00 pm on Friday, July 19, 2019 (end of business day).

Changes to the 2018 approved project stem from a lawsuit submitted by area residents concerned with the inclusion of a high volume drive thru business. The applicant has engaged with area residents in a discussion to make the project better fit the neighborhood. To this end, changes have been made to Building 3 converting it from a single tenant building, to a multi-tenant building for up to three tenants, eliminating the high volume drive thru facility, and replacing it with a lower volume drive thru tenant: suggested to be a coffee house business tenant.

From the Applicant’s May 9, 2018 Submittal Packet:

This application seeks the approval of the Planning Director that the attached plans and elevations substantially conform to the approved site plan associated with the Saratoga Retail Phase 2 Design Review approved October 9, 2018 by the Board of Supervisors. The attached site plan is a culmination of discussions with neighbors of the project which objected to the approved plan primarily due to the inclusion of a high volume drive through facility. Accordingly, the primary difference between this site plan and the approved site plan is a reconfiguration of Building 3 to make it more amenable to a multi-tenant building and the reduction of the drive through facility to a one lane configuration. Other minor changes are made to the parking and drive aisles as a result of these minor changes, which may be typical of changes that occur from tentative to final site design.

At the time of the approval of the Saratoga Retail project in 2009, the Phase 2 area had an approved site plan which was not dissimilar to the proposed site plan herein. The significance of this is that the site has already be graded and drainage and other infrastructure has already been installed at the site. The proposed site plan comports with the previously constructed improvements thus avoiding any significant changes to the site.

In preliminary discussions with Planning Department staff concerns were raised regarding the possible traffic implications of the requested change to the site plan. Specifically it was pointed out that the drive through as proposed will be conducive to a coffee business which could result in more AM traffic trips thus affecting the conclusions of the other traffic reports prepared for the project. Attached is another traffic report examining the potential impact of the drive through being utilized by a typical retail coffee facility, which concludes no impacts different than those originally identified in previous studies.

This project was approved October 9, 2018, following a denial of an appeal filed by area residents, of the project’s previous approval. The July 5, 2019 Notice of Decision confirms consistency and final approval of the changes requested in the May 9, 2019 Design Review of the previously approved project.

The EDH APAC document page for DR-R18-0002 contains project details and document links.

El Dorado County Transportation Commission Issues County Line Multi-Modal Transit Center Draft Study Online

The El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) has released the draft results of the County Line Multi-Modal Transit Center.

For more than one year, the EDCTC has worked with area stakeholders, including El Dorado Transit, El Dorado County Government, area School Districts, EDH APAC, the California Highway Patrol, local and county Chambers of Commerce, area businesses and employers, the Folsom Stage Line Sacramento Regional Transit, and many other area organizations to define current and future needs for transportation in the El Dorado County – Sacramento County Line area, encompassing public transit, pedestrian, bicycle, and rideshare opportunities. The existing park and ride lot located primarily at El Dorado Hills Town Center at the corner of Latrobe Rd and White Rock Rd, along with an overflow location in Town Center at Vine Street and Mercedes Lane are significantly over-capacity. The primary Latrobe Rd & White Rock Rd location is constrained by overhead power and utility lines, which would prevent building a vertical parking garage.

The study also included a review of not just transportation needs, but included a study of potential amenities and technologies that would enhance public transportation utilization – items such as retail, food, bike lockers, electric vehicle charging for both the public and for buses, increased access/provision for rideshare dropoff/pickup options, space to store off duty buses to keep them local, and many more features.

The Study included two Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings, as well as two public open houses.

Six potential Multi-Modal sites were identified in El Dorado Hills that could meet the defined needs of current and future transportation uses.

Because of the size of the Study Draft Report, it is broken in to Part 1 and Part 2, presented in PDF viewers below, as well as on the EDCTC Transit Center Study webpage, along with several Appendices, Stakeholder Advisory Committee links, and relevant document links.

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Download Part 1 [14.97 MB]

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Download Part 2 [11.65 MB]

El Dorado Hills APAC March Meeting Minutes and Video Online

The minutes of the El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee March 13, 2019 minutes are now available online.

Additionally, the presentation slides used for the March 2019 meeting can be viewed here.

A video recording of the meeting is available on our EDH APAC YouTube Channel. The recording has been embedded here in this update post as well.

Due to the configuration of our meeting room, recorded volumes are very low, so for better playback, make sure that the YouTube player’s audio is at 100%, and then adjust the listening volume of your playback device accordingly.

El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee would like to thank the Bridlewood Canyon HOA, and HOA Board Member Ron Cassity, for their generous hospitality in hosting our March 2019 meeting.

Our next El Dorado Hills APAC meeting will be Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 7:00PM in our usual meeting location, the El Dorado Hills Community Services District Norm Rowett Pavilion, 1021 Harvard Way, El Dorado Hills CA, 95762.

Signup for the El Dorado Hills APAC email list to get the April 2019 meeting agenda as soon as it is available in early April.

County Planning Commission Holds CEQA Workshop

At the February 28, 2019 El Dorado County Planning Commission meeting, the Planning Commission held a workshop regarding the California Environmental Quality Act presented by Pat Angell, Senior Director of Ascent Environmental, Inc .

The workshop was wide ranging, and covered many example topics, and questions from the Commissioners. An audio recording of the Planning Commission meeting can be reviewed HERE.

The Presentation Slides from the workshop can be viewed on this post, or downloaded from the link below.

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Download CEQA Presentation Slides [2.68 MB]

El Dorado County Issues Fact Sheet For Proposed El Dorado Hills Costco Project

Following several ‘Stakeholder’ meeting sessions with representatives of the property owner, and Costco, El Dorado County has released the following Fact Sheet regarding a proposed Costco location in El Dorado Hills.

The location selected by Costco is on the east side of Silva Valley Parkway, north of the Highway 50/Silva Valley Pkwy interchange- just north of Tong Road, and south of Oak Meadow Elementary School, and the proposed alignment of the future extension of Country Club Drive. The project is expected to be developed in conjunction with, and as a component of the proposed EDH 52 project. This property is already zoned for Commercial Regional (CR) and by rights, is zoned for big-box commercial development, which makes a proposed Costco facility a compatible land use for the zoning. In terms of mitigating traffic impacts, Commercial Regional is best suited along major highway interchanges, removing traffic impacts from interior roadways.

Costco representatives revealed that an El Dorado County location is desired to help relieve the current over impacted Folsom location. They shared that there are other California Costco locations within 3 miles of each other, as the current Folsom and proposed El Dorado Hills locations will be. As a membership store, Costco has direct knowledge of where their members are located – from the identified target area in El Dorado County around El Dorado Hills, excluding the existing Folsom Costco members, there are currently 40,000 Costco Members, so the customer base already exists.

Costco seeks to be near highway interchanges for their stores, and many locations in El Dorado County have been evaluated for a site. Out of all highway interchanges in El Dorado County, only Silva Valley Parkway has the necessary capacity for the addition of a Costco Facility, as it currently measures a Level of Service (LOS) A. It already has the necessary road and highway capacity to meet this use. Questions were asked about other El Dorado County locations, but representatives indicated that El Dorado Hills Blvd/Latrobe Road at HWY50, to Town Center West, or to the Business Park, is currently at too poor a LOS level (C, D, and E, depending upon the time of day), and with the existing and planned developments in the area are physically too constrained to add more capacity. Other County locations, including interchanges such as Missouri Flat Rd, are also too limited by poor LOS levels, and the inability to add additional capacity, as existing development prevents adding more road space. Interchanges such as Cambridge Road, Cameron Park Dr, and Ponderosa Rd also lack the capacity for additional traffic volume, and are facing challenges in terms of costs just to increase capacity to meet existing needs. The Cameron Park Dr at HWY 50 interchange, as an example, is facing a $70 million dollar improvement to meet current needs, and isn’t projected to be completed for 10 years, if funding can be found. Even with these proposed improvements, the interchange would still fall short of required capacity to adequately mitigate the impacts of a project of the scope of the proposed Costco Project. Since Silva Valley Pkwy is currently an A-Rated interchange, Coscto would be mitigating impacts from their project, and would not need to fund a complete overhaul of a highway interchange, which would be prohibitively costly.

Costco representatives indicated in the Stakeholder meetings that in the El Dorado Hills customer target area of their study, there are approximately 40,000 current Costco members. The El Dorado Hills location is supported by their internally defined demographic metrics – over 40,000 residents in El Dorado Hills, nearly 15,000 in Cameron Park, upwards of 5,000 in Shingle Springs, 2,500 in Rescue, and 11,000 new homes planned in the Folsom Ranch development south of HWY50 (over 20,000 new residents in the next 20-25 years) on the future White Rock Rd Capitol Southeast Connector, which will terminate at the Silva Valley Pkwy/HWY 50 interchange. Locations further east in El Dorado County, such as Placerville, with only 10,000 residents, lack the population to provide an adequate customer base to support developing a new Costco store location.

The next steps in the proposed project will be the President of Costco visiting the El Dorado Hills site later in March/early April. If the President of Costco makes the determination that the site fits their defined needs, along with the market demographics, they could decide as early as April 2019 to proceed with the project. If they do, it is expected to take 18 – 24 months to gain environmental approvals and permitting, along with a full Environmental Impact Report and the resultant traffic study. If the project gains these approvals, it is estimated that it would take another 12 months to begin and complete construction. As the approvals process and construction timeline would take at best a minimum of three years, the earliest possible opening date would be in 2022.

If the project proceeds, El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee members will be studying the project over the next several years, evaluating the Draft Environmental Impact Report when it is released, and making recommendations on the project, and any proposed mitigation. Representatives from Costco have already proposed keeping close communication with EDH APAC, and have agreed to conduct public outreach via EDH APAC and other community agencies and organizations, to educate residents on their progress, and to get community feedback, to help improve the project. Costco representatives have indicated their willingness to present their project at EDH APAC meetings during the approvals process, and to foster and maintain an open dialog as the project proceeds.

A second Costco store was recently completed in Elk Grove CA. While the City of Elk Grove is a much more urban, and higher density area than anyplace in El Dorado County, some elements of that project involved its placement in proximity to both a highway and residential neighborhoods, and the steps required to mitigate those impacts. The project was proposed in 2015, and completed in September 2018.

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