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Project Frontier

EDH APAC Submits Initial Review Findings on Project Frontier. EDC Auditor Harn provides updates regarding project’s Sales Tax forecast

Subcommittee Reviews Center on project impact concerns, consistency with Zoning and Land Use

EDH APAC submitted a letter to the El Dorado County Planning Department and the Planning Commission that summarized EDH APAC’s volunteer subcommittees’ initial review findings regarding Project Frontier CUP22-0016 DR22-0003. The Subcommittee findings were presented to EDH APAC members and the El Dorado Hills Community at an overflow meeting at El Dorado Hills Fire Department Station 85 on April 19, 2023.

While the reviews are the initial findings, concerns and questions provided by EDH APAC volunteers, the project itself is awaiting a submission to El Dorado County of a CEQA Analysis, and peer review of the Applicant generated DRAFT Transportation Impact Analysis Report. Review of the project’s Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a 106% height allowance over the County Ordinance stipulated 50 foot limit will come before the County Planning Commission. No Review Hearing Date has been scheduled yet.

EDH APAC April 28, 2023 Email to Planning Department & Planning Commission

EDH APAC April 26, 2023 Cover Letter to Planning Department & Planning Commission

EDH APAC Subcommittee Reviews Submitted to Planning Department & Planning Commission April 28, 2023

County Auditor Controller provides EDH APAC with an update regarding Project Frontier’s potential Sales Tax revenue to El Dorado County.

EDC Auditor Controller Joe Harn submitted the following update to EDH APAC regarding questions about Project Frontier’s projected Sales Tax revenue to El Dorado County

EDC Auditor Controller Harn April 28, 2023 Letter to EDH APAC

EDC Auditor Harn CDTFA Document to EDH APAC April 28, 2023

EDC Auditor Harn Sales Tax Consultant to County Newsletter

Auditor Harn previously provided an initial letter to EDH APAC regarding potential Sales Tax benefits to El Dorado County on March 14, 2023.

Additionally, Auditor Harn provided EDH APAC a copy of an updated Economic Impact Analysis Memorandum from consultants EPS on March 30, 2023. The updated Analysis was the result of a request from Auditor Harn for El Dorado County specific Sales and Property Tax estimates regarding Project Frontier.

To review all available Project Frontier public documents, visit the EDH APAC Project Document page for Project Frontier.

Project Frontier Applicant and County Auditor Controller Responses to EDH APAC

Project Applicants provide responses to EDH APAC comment letter submitted for February 16, 2023 TAC Meeting

The applicants for Project Frontier, a proposed distribution and sortation facility consisting of two buildings totaling four million square feet, to be located at the southern end of the El Dorado Hills Business Park on the west side of Latrobe Road between Royal Oaks Drive on the north, and Wetsel-Oviatt Road to the south, have supplied a response letter to the comments submitted by EDH APAC to the El Dorado County Technical Advisory Committee Meeting held on February 13, 2023. The response letter indicates that the project’s application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow one of the project’s buildings to exceed current El Dorado County height limits, has been provided a determination by the County Planning Department that the appropriate decision making authority rests with the Zoning Administrator (Director of Building and Planning).

From the response letter:

The project applicant has applied for a conditional use permit to allow one of the buildings to exceed current height limits. A conditional use permit is a discretionary approval and the El Dorado County Zoning Code (“Zoning Code”) requires a noticed public meeting for a conditional use permit. Section 130.52.021 provides for the Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission to be the review authority for a conditional use permit, and “[t]he determination of the review authority shall be made by the Director based on the nature of the application, and the policy issues raised by the project.”

A conditional use permit is not required to allow the project uses. The Matrix of Allowed Uses in Table 130.23.020 of the County Zoning Code provides that “Wholesale Storage and Distribution,” the same use as the proposed project, is an allowed use in the Research and Development Zone. A local agency cannot selectively or arbitrarily require a discretionary approval for uses that the Zoning Code allows by right with a ministerial building permit approval.

The applicant understands that, because the proposed project uses are consistent with zoning, are allowed by right, and have been previously analyzed in numerous environmental analyses, the Planning Department has determined that the Zoning Administrator is the appropriate decision-making body for the conditional use permit that is limited to the proposed building height.

The full response letter addressing the items raised by EDH APAC is embedded here:

March 14, 2023 Applicant Responses to EDH APAC Feb 16, 2023 TAC Meeting Comments Letter

EDC Auditor Controller March 14, 2023 letter to EDH APAC

El Dorado County Auditor Controller Joe Harn provided the following letter to EDH APAC addressing Sales Tax and Apportionment questions raised by EDH APAC.

Auditor Controller Harn’s letter is embedded here:

Project Frontier Applicant Presentation at the EDH APAC March 15, 2023 6:30PM meeting

The project applicants will provide a project presentation and discussion at the Wednesday March 15, 2023 6:30PM EDH APAC Meeting. The meeting will be hybrid: in-person at EDH Fire Station 85 1050 Wilson Blvd, with virtual discussion via ZOOM, and streamed live on the EDH APAC YouTube Channel. The Room capacity does not exceed 100 guests. Meeting details and streaming links can be found on our March 13th meeting event page

EDH APAC Project Documents page updated with Draft Traffic Impact Analysis Report and all available project documents.

To read all public project documents, including the DRAFT Traffic Impact Analysis Report, visit the EDH APAC Project Documents Page for Project Frontier