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El Dorado County Transportation Department October 12, 2022 Presentation to EDH APAC

Transportation Department Director Rafael Martinez provides details on maintenance funding, and Ballot Measures R and S

At the October 12, 2022 El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee meeting, the El Dorado County Transportation Department provided a video presentation from department Director Rafael Martinez. In the presentation, Director Martinez discussed many elements of the Transportation Department’s responsibilities, the various sources of funding to the department, and how that funding is broken down to support road maintenance activities in El Dorado County. Additionally Director Martinez discussed the shortcoming in funding that was projected to be provided by the 2017 Senate Bill 1 (SB1) – the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, and how state dollars that have historically been dedicated to providing local road maintenance funding has continued to shrink. Director Martinez provides detail on the El Dorado Count Ballot Measures R and S: Proposed Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) tax rate increase. Measure R would raise the TOT rate on the Western Slope from 10% to 12%, and Measure S would raise the TOT rate on the Eastern Slope (unincorporated Lake Tahoe area) from 10% to 14%. These are taxes mostly paid by visitors to El Dorado County from hotel, Bed & Breakfast, and vacation home rentals. The 2% increase on the Western Slope and the 4% increase on the Eastern Slope would be dedicated to road maintenance and snow removal.

DOT Presentation to EDH APAC by Director Rafael Martinez

View the presentation on the EDH APAC YouTube Channel