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El Dorado County Unveils New Interactive Road Work Website

El Dorado County has unveiled a new interactive website that details road work projects.

El Dorado County today launched a new website dedicated specifically to road work projects that have been completed, are currently being done, or are slated to begin this calendar year. Of the 100 projects listed, 58 are maintenance projects, 28 are storm damage projects, and 14 are capital improvement projects. These projects collectively account for nearly $100 million in cost to complete.

“One of the issues of concern to most County residents is the condition of our 1,080 miles of roads. This new website allows residents to easily see where progress has been made, what’s coming up in terms of road repair and what’s currently under construction,” said Department of Transportation Director, Rafael Martinez. “It also provides users with funding information and a timetable for estimated completion of most projects. It will be a constantly evolving site as our employees work to make the roads safe in our County.”

The site contains an interactive overview map of the county with each project marked with different icons indicating whether the project is related to storm damage repair, maintenance or capital improvement and where it is along the continuum of construction.

When a user clicks on an icon, the page moves to screen that provides the project description, estimated cost, estimated construction date (or completion) and the funding source. Many of the projects also include images of construction. Additionally, when a user selects a project, a second map appears on the right side of the screen that displays a zoomed-in location of the larger map highlighting the precise location of the project. Finally, users can also search for projects by name.

Because of the complexity of the mapping features, the functionality of the site works best on Chrome rather than Internet Explorer.

“This website is another tool the County is using to be transparent, keep residents informed and even provide additional information that they may find useful.

Visit the the new interactive website HERE