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El Dorado County Planning Commission Meeting July 11, 2019

This event has ended

Of note to El Dorado Hills residents:

19-10212.Agenda ItemHearing to consider the first reading of Title 130 Zoning Ordinance for the voter-enacted Measures N, P, Q, R, and S, which authorized the permitting and regulation of commercial cannabis activities in the County (OR19-0001)**. The proposed amendments allow for commercial cannabis nurseries, processors, testing laboratories, and manufacturers in limited zones and subject to specific regulations. As part of implementation of the ballot measures, the proposed amendments also combine the ballot measures for medicinal and adult recreational use cannabis and codify the ordinances in a new cannabis section of Title 130. Additional amendments address changes in state regulations that were enacted after voters passed the ballot measures, changes to the authorized zones for particular commercial cannabis uses, and other minor amendments. Staff is recommending the Planning Commission recommend the Board of Supervisors take the following actions: 1) Find that the adoption of the proposed amendments to Sections 130.14.290 (Measure N), 130.14.300 (Measure P), 130.14.310 (Measure Q), 130.14.32
19-10234.Agenda ItemHearing to consider General Plan Amendment GPA19-0002 amending three General Plan Elements with text updates (Land Use Element; Public Health, Safety, and Noise Element; and Transportation and Circulation Element) and the Glossary; and staff recommending the Planning Commission recommend the Board of Supervisors take the following actions: 1) Determine that pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines Section 15168, there is no substantial evidence requiring the preparation of a subsequent Negative Declaration or an Addendum to the existing El Dorado County Targeted General Plan Amendment/Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA/ZOU) Final Program Environmental Impact Report (SCH #2012052074), adopted by the Board of Supervisors on December 15, 2015; and 2) Approve GPA19-0002 amending the General Plan to incorporate revisions to Land Use Element Policies,,,, and Table 2-4; Public Health, Safety, and Noise Element Policies and; Transportation and Circulation Element Policy TC-Xa.3; and the Glossary, based on the Findings pres
19-09425.Agenda ItemThe Executive Secretary of the Commission recommends the Commission adopt Resolution 19-01 amending the Planning Commission Bylaws with said amendments becoming effective upon approval by the Board of Supervisors. (cont. 6/27/19, Item #4)
19-10246.Agenda ItemPlanning and Building Department, Planning Services Division-Long Range Planning Unit, recommending the Planning Commission receive a presentation from Greg Chew, Senior Planner for the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, regarding the upcoming methodology process for the 2021-2029 Regional Housing Needs Assessment for the 2021-2029 Housing Element Update of the General Plan.


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