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El Dorado County Board of Supervisors July 16, 2019 Meeting

This event has ended

Of note to El Dorado Hills residents:

19-106015.Agenda ItemSupervisor Hidahl recommending the Board make the following District I appointment to the Parks and Recreation Commission: Appoint Wayne Lowery, Member District I (Vacant), Term Expiration 1/1/2021.
19-098721.Agenda ItemDepartment of Transportation recommending the Board: 1) Accept the subdivision improvements for Serrano Village K5, Phase 2, Unit 8, TM 10-1496-R, as complete; 2) Reduce Performance Bond 0702213 from $2,017,781.19 to $201,778.12, which is ten percent of the total cost of the subdivision improvements. This amount guarantees against any defective work, labor done, or defective materials furnished, which is to be released after one year if no claims are made; 3) Hold Laborers & Materialmens Bond 0702213 in the amount of $1,008,890.59 for six months to guarantee payments to persons furnishing labor, materials, or equipment; and 4) Authorize the Clerk of the Board to release the respective Bonds after the required time periods upon written request by the department. FUNDING: Developer Funded. (No Federal Funds)
19-100824.Agenda ItemDepartment of Transportation recommending the Board consider the following for acquiring right of way for the Country Club Drive Realignment – Bass Lake Road to Tierra de Dios Project (Project), CIP 71360 / 36105010: 1) Approve and authorize the Chair to sign the Acquisition Agreement for Public Purposes and the Certificates of Acceptance accepting Grant Deeds, Grant of Public Service Easement, and Temporary Construction Easements from M.H. Mohanna a married man, as his sole and separate property, for Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 119-080-12 and 119-080-23. The Fee and Easement acquisitions provide right-of-way necessary to construct the Project, at a cost of $104,800; 2) Authorize the Department of Transportation Director, or designee, to execute the escrow instructions and any other related escrow documents pertaining to the transaction, including payment of title and escrow fees, which are estimated to be $2,500; and 3) Authorize the Department of Transportation Director, or designee, to extend the date of closure of escrow upon mutual agreement of both parties if necessary.
19-103930.Agenda ItemChief Administrative Office recommending the Board consider the final draft Board of Supervisors Response to the 2018-2019 Grand Jury Report 18-01, Moving Forward in El Dorado County Fire Service Sustainability, issued April 19, 2019; recommending approval of the report as the Final Response and respective letter of transmittal to the Presiding Judge if no further changes are recommended. (Est. Time: 15 Min.) FUNDING: N/A
19-104731.Agenda ItemChief Administrative Office recommending the Board discuss and provide direction to staff on proposed ballot measure and benefit assessment options to address specific Board priorities, as previously proposed or discussed by the Board, and on Charter amendments related to prior Board discussion regarding non-constitutional, elected official positions. These items have previously been proposed for consideration by voters during the 2020 elections. (Est. Time: 1 Hr.) FUNDING: General Fund.


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