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El Dorado County Board of Supervisors August 13, 2019 Meeting

This event has ended

Of note to El Dorado Hills residents:

19-087612.Agenda ItemDepartment of Transportation recommending the Board approve and authorize the Chair to sign the following on-call Construction Services Agreements to provide, on an as-needed basis, for various types of road surface treatments on County maintained roadways on the West and East Slope of the County, both with a not-to-exceed amount of $7,500,000 and with a three (3) year term: 1) Agreement for Construction Services 4082 with American Pavement Systems, Inc.; and 2) Agreement for Construction Services 4083 with Pavement Coatings Co. FUNDING: Local Discretionary (Local), Road Fund (State) and SB1-RMRA (State).
19-113014.Agenda ItemDepartment of Transportation recommending the Board approved and authorize the Chair to sign the Offsite Road Improvement Agreement for Malcolm Dixon Area of Benefit, Road Improvement Agreement 19-54910, between the County and the Developers, Omni Financial, LLC, Alto, LLC, Salmon Falls Land & Cattle Company, LLC, Diamante Development, LLC and Christopher A. LaBarbera Revocable Trust, 2019. FUNDING: Developer Funded.
19-110018.Agenda ItemHEARING – Department of Transportation to provide the Board with an update on the grant funding projections for El Dorado County and how the decreased revenue projections affect the Traffic Impact Mitigation (TIM) Fee program and provide staff direction. (Est. Time: 1.5 Hr.) (Cont. 8/6/2019, Item 21) FUNDING: Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program.

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