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EDH APAC Members Offer Vote of Non-Support For DR-R18-0001 Saratoga Retail Phase 2

*****UPDATED AUGUST 18 2018*****

El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee voting members have offered a vote of Non-Support for the DR-R18-0001 Saratoga Retail Phase 2 project.

After hearing the project update presentation from the project applicants at the August 8, 2018 EDH APAC meeting, the EDH APAC Executive Board elected to delay a vote regarding support of the project until El Dorado County Staff report and other project findings, released only days before, could be thoroughly and thoughtfully reviewed. After voting members reviewed several hundred pages of documents and exhibits, including the archived documents from the original 2009 DR09-0003, and the 2017 revised DR-09-0003-R, a vote was conducted among members via e-mail.

The final result was a vote of Non-Support 6-0

EDH APAC will be providing a detailed letter to the Clerk of the Planning Commission by Thursday August 16, 2018 detailing EDH APAC member concerns, questions, and conclusions in regards to the vote of non-support. The letter will be added to the project document page HERE

UPDATED AUGUST 18 2018: EDH APAC Letter of Non-Support

The El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee has submitted the following letter of Non-Support for DR-R18-0001 to The County of El Dorado Planning Commission