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El Dorado County Director of Planning Determination Fulfillment Center Heavy Distribution Parcel Hub Uses

June 12, 2023 Letter to Board of Supervisors

Section 130.20.030. of the County Zoning Code authorizes the Planning and Building Director to determine if a use not already listed in the Zoning Code is allowable and if so, what the use type is for determining proper zoning. The Planning and Building Director has determined that fulfillment centers, heavy distribution and parcel hub uses shall be classified as the Industrial – Specialized use type.


Fulfillment centers, heavy distribution, parcel hub uses could have special safety or public health concerns, particularly related to the amount of truck traffic typically generated from such uses similar to the impacts contemplated for the Industrial – Specialized use type. This use type is allowed with approval of a CUP in the IL and IH zones. It is not allowed in the R&D zone.

Full June 12, 2023 Director’s Determination Letter