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Marble Valley Specific Plan

Army Corps of Engineers seeking input on Marble Valley project permit for impact to wetlands and streams

The United States Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public input in relation to a permit application for the Villages of Marble Valley Specific Plan Project. The ACoE has distributed a letter to nearby property owners asking for input regarding impacts to approximately 4.585 acres of waters of the United States, including wetlands and streams.

Notice mailed to property owners April 1st

The notice mailed to property owners is dated March 16, 2020, and requests that comments be received by April 14, 2020. However, the notice posting on the Project page of the ACoE website indicates a response period that ends April 30, 2020, and residents have indicated that the postage meter stamp on the mailing envelope provides a date stamp of April 1, 2020. A number of residents have reported not receiving the notice until after April 5, 2020. These residents are seeking a re-notice from the ACoE to allow for a full thirty day comment period.

United States Army Corps of Engineers Website Marble Valley Project page – click image to visit the website.

Residents seeking to learn more about the permit application, to make comments, or to seek a re-notice of the ACoE Public Notice are encouraged to contact the ACoE Project Manager Kathy Norton at (916) 557-5260, or email

Villages of Marble Valley Specific Plan Land Use Map
credit: United States Army Corps of Engineers