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El Dorado County Board of Supervisors September 12, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting in Video Recording Format

Of Note to El Dorado Hills residents:

3-1501135.Agenda ItemCounty Counsel and the Planning and Building Department, Commercial Cannabis Division, recommending the Board: 1) Provide direction on changes to the County’s existing cannabis ordinances; and 2) If changes are supported, direct staff to return to the Board with a Resolution of Intent reflecting the Board’s guidance to start the ordinance amendment process. FUNDING: General Fund.

Public Comment: M. Ranalli, K. McCarty, P. Barrier, K. Cicchino, J. Earls, L. Cauchon,
D. Harde, C. Lewis, M. Parrett, T. Clark, B. McAdam, J. Kipperman, P. Huntsinger, A.
Aubrey, K. Greenwood, M. Compton, R. Miller, E. Lewicki, R. Michelson, l. Brent-Bumb,
E. Jacobsen, A. Jones, Dwayne

A motion was made by Supervisor Hidahl, seconded by Supervisor Parlin to:
1) Direct staff to return with a Resolution of Intention on the following items:
a) Incorporating the state definition of “owner” into the cannabis ordinance;
b) Changing the tax structure from square footage to gross receipts for cultivation;
c) Incorporating items 8(a) and (b) from the County Counsel staff report and item
8(c) from the Planning and Building staff report; and
2) Direct the following items be sent to the Planning Commission for further review and recommendation to the Board:
a) Staff report item 1 (setbacks);
b) Staff report item 2 (canopy size);
c) Staff report item 3 (propagation and lighting changes);
d) Staff report item 4 (allowance of nonvolatile manufacturing);
e) Staff report item 7A (examination of cannabis tax rates); and
f) Consideration of a multi year cannabis license
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