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El Dorado County Adopted General Plan

A Plan for Managed Growth and Open Roads;
A Plan for Quality Neighborhoods and Traffic Relief

County of El Dorado Adopted General Plan

On July 19, 2004, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors adopted a new General Plan for the County.  The last amendment for the General Plan was December 10, 2019.

State planning law requires every County to adopt and maintain a “blueprint” for development throughout the county: a General Plan. This General Plan is the County’s basic planning document and is the vehicle through which a County addresses, balances, and fits together the competing interests and needs of its residents.  The County has begun to implement the General Plan through the adoption of ordinances, resolutions, and approval of other programs. Please see General Plan Implementation and Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Any questions about the General Plan process can be directed to Planning Services.

General Plan Supporting Documents

May 4, 2006 Settlement Agreement

March 2006 Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program Draft Supplement to the Environmental Impact Report

September 1, 2005 Superior Court Ruling on General Plan Writ-of-Mandate

July 19, 2004 2004 El Dorado County General Plan: A Plan for Managed Growth and Open Roads; A Plan for Quality Neighborhoods and Traffic Relief adopted by the Board of Supervisors

July 12, 2004 Staff Report #4 Final Adoption of the El Dorado County General Plan

January 13, 2004 Final Environmental Impact Report

May 2003 Draft Environmental Impact Report

March 5, 2002 El Dorado County Land Use Forecasts for the DRAFT General Plan   [2.56 MB] 

                         El Dorado County Land Use Forecasts for the DRAFT General Plan Appendices

Forecast for the 2001 Project Description, 1996 General Plan Alternative, and No Project Alternative

February 5, 1999 Writ of mandate  

Adopted General Plan Implementation

General Plan Policy Interpretations

General Plan Implementation Reports

Housing Element Implementation Annual Progress Reports