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August 11, 2021 APAC Meeting In Person At EDH Fire Station 85, also Streaming Via Zoom and YouTube

Find the meeting details on the event page

Meeting in Hybrid Format

The August 11th EDH APAC meeting is being held in-person at the El Dorado Hills Fire Department Station 85 Meeting Room, located at 1050 Wilson Blvd, in El Dorado Hills. The meeting start time is 7:00PM

Since this will be the first in-person meeting for EDH APAC since restrictions for public gatherings were implemented in 2020, and because many community members find value in being able to attend EDH APAC Meetings virtually, the meeting will also be streamed via Zoom –

Additionally, because the meeting topics are expected to draw increased attendance, EDH APAC will also attempt to stream the Zoom virtual session via the EDH APAC YouTube Channel – the live YouTube meeting link is

The in-person attendance is limited to 114 guests. The EDH APAC Zoom Webinar attendance is limited to 100 attendees. Because of the these limits, if the Zoom session maxes out on attendees, Zoom will prompt every attendee beginning with the 101st attendee to follow the meeting live stream on YouTube. YouTube attendees will not be able to participate in the discussion, but will be able to view the live video, and hear the live audio.


Because EDH APAC has not conducted an in-person meeting in over a year, and also because meeting topics may be viewed by some members of the community as controversial, we offer these EDH APAC Meeting reminders:

  • PUBLIC COMMENTS are limited to three minutes, to allow all attendees the opportunity to participate.
  • PUBLIC COMMENTS on matters not on the published agenda are heard at the beginning of the meeting, at a designated time.
  • Courtesy is extended to all attendees from the Community, as well as to all speaking guests, and project applicants.
  • When public comment and questions from the community begins, we ask attendees to come forward to use the microphone – this allows all attendees to hear the comments and questions, both in-person, and for our streaming attendees. We cannot accept questions shouted from the audience.
  • Keep comments and questions short and focused – 1 or 2 questions/comments are permitted.
  • If your question has been asked, please do not repeat the same questions – we only have a limited time availability to use the meeting space.
  • Courtesy is expected in allowing guests to respond to questions and comments without interruption.

EDH APAC strives to make sure that our public discussions remain civil. Development projects can be controversial, for both supporters and for those who may be opposed. It is human nature to be motivated by emotion, but in EDH APAC’s experience of 40 years of reviewing proposed projects, we have found that emotion tends to cause decision makers to tune out the community’s concerns – and we have been guilty of that in the past too, just like any other community members. We’re committed to better, more effective, communication.

EDH APAC is not focused on supporting a project, or denying a project – we have no land use authority – EDH APAC strives to review proposed projects in a thoughtful informed manner, so that when we provide our findings, that they are based in facts, and reason. This allows the community’s concerns, questions, and suggestions, to be heard by the project applicants, the County Planning process, and our elected decision makers. EDH APAC’s goal is not to see a project approved, or denied, but to result in the best possible project outcome for El Dorado Hills residents, the County, and the project applicants. EDH APAC never seeks advocacy to support or oppose a project.

We’re excited to welcome the El Dorado Hills Community back to in-person public meetings – your participation is valuable.