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El Dorado County Board of Supervisors January 14, 2020 Meeting

This event has ended

Of note to El Dorado Hills residents:

19-182624Agenda Item HEARING – Planning and Building Department recommending the Board approve and authorize the Chair to sign the following:
1) Resolution 005-2020 entitled “Planning and Building Department Fee Schedule and Policies and Procedures,” thereby rescinding prior Resolution 186-2019  adopted by the Board on October 22, 2019 (Legistar Item 19-0663), and provide direction to staff on which of the following Appeal Fee options the Board would like to adopt:
a) Option A (staff recommendation): set the Appeal fee at $943 based on the analysis presented in Attachment D and convert the base application to T&M to recover any costs associated with the Appeal beyond the initial $943 Appeal fee;
b) Option B: set the Appeal fee at tiered amounts of $943 for projects appealed to the Planning Commission and $3,221 for projects appealed to the Board of Supervisors;
c) Option C: set the Appeal fee at $3,221 (the average cost of an Appeal based on the 2015 fee study);
d) Option D: leave the Appeal fee at the current rate of $239; or
e) Option E: set the Appeal fee at an amount deemed appropriate by the Board.  (Est. Time: 30 Min.)
19-176825Agenda Item HEARING – To consider the recommendation of the Planning Commission on the Vineyards at El Dorado Hills project to request a Rezone (Z16-0002), a Planned Development (PD16-0001), a Phased Tentative Subdivision Map (TM16-1528), and a Design Waiver on property identified by Assessor’s Parcel Number 126-100-024, consisting of 114.03 acres, in the Rural Region in the El Dorado Hills area, submitted by Omni Financial, LLC; and the Planning Commission recommending the Board take the following actions:
1) Adopt Resolution 229-2019 certifying the Environmental Impact Report (Attachment C), subject to California Environmental Quality Act Findings and Statement of Overriding Considerations (Attachment D);
2) Adopt the Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program (Attachment E) detailing the recommended Mitigation Measures in the Environmental Impact Report, in compliance with California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines Section 15097(a);
3) Approve Z16-0002 rezoning Assessor’s Parcel Number 126-100-024 applying the Planned Development Combining Zone to the existing underlying zoning of Estate Residential, Five-acre resulting in the new zoning of Estate Residential, Five-acre-Planned Development based on the Findings (Attachment G) presented;
4) Approve Planned Development PD16-0001 establishing a Development Plan allowing the project to utilize density bonuses by clustering residential parcels and dedicating open space and allowing reduced setbacks of 20 foot front setbacks, 15 foot side setbacks and 30 foot rear setbacks for the project, based on the Findings (Attachment G) and subject to the Conditions of Approval (Attachment H) as presented;
5) Approve the Phased Tentative Subdivision Map TM16-1528 consisting of 42 residential lots ranging in size from 43,560 to 46,562 square feet, five open space lots, and one road lot, based on the Findings (Attachment G) and subject to the Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program (Attachment E) and Conditions of Approval (Attachment H) as presented;
6) Approve the Design Waiver to reduce the standard 101C road width easement from 50 feet to 30 feet as the Findings (Attachment G) could be made; and
7) Adopt Ordinance 5117 for said Rezone.  (Supervisorial District 4)  (Est. Time: 45 Min.) (Cont. 12/17/19, Item 57)
19-187126Closed Session Conference with Legal Counsel – Significant Exposure to Litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(2). Title: Planned Development PD18-0005/Tentative Subdivision Map TM18-1536/Serrano Village J7 (Assessor’s Parcel Number 123-040-011), Number of potential cases: (1). (Est. Time: 15 Min.)


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