EDH APAC Regular February 13, 2019 Meeting

This event has ended

Supervisor Communications: District 1 Supervisor John Hidahl

APAC Projects

CUP19-0001 Conditional Use Permit for colocation on existing El Dorado Hills Fire Station 85 fire tower of telecommunications facility including six panel antennas, nine remote radio units, and three Raycap surge protectors

S18-0012 EDH-Folsom Self Storage. 6,000 square foot commercial buildings (actual use To be determined) 139,000 square foot self-storage building 2,000 square foot manage/office building Parking lot (quantity undetermined) is proposed. Location: The 9.4 acre project site is located at the southwestern corner area of Green Valley Road, Shadowfax Ln, and Sophia Parkway in El Dorado Hills

PA17-0004 Carson Creek Specific Plan Amendment – Rezone. 57 acres of Industrial, 33.3 acres of Research and Development, and 12.6 acres of Open Space to 84.1 acres Single Family High Density, and 3.1 acres of Community Center

PD08-0004, TM08-1464 – SERRANO VILLAGE A14 : A request for a resubmittal and reactivation with a revised tentative map and development plan proposal consisting of 51 detached single family residential lots. The original proposal was for a total of 54 attached single-family residential lots. Consists of 38.5 acres, and is located on the south side of Russi Ranch Drive, south of the intersection with Village Green Drive

Minor Status Updates: El Dorado Hills projects

• PD18-0001 FRS Storage self-storage facility on Rossmore Ln
• CUP18-0005 Quantum Care Place
• Silver Springs Pkwy Southern Extension Easement
• El Dorado County Department of Transportation Request for Maintenance Yard at Bass Lake
• Proposed El Dorado Hills Costco at P17-0004 EDH52


El Dorado Hills Community Services District Norm Rowett Pavilion 1021 Harvard Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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